Dutch Moonbase History

Coming out of his Dark Ages in 2003, Marco Baas went looking for building-inspiration on the Internet. After a long search he found the Moonbase Building Standard, just what he was looking for: buildings, space and minifigs. Mike van Leeuwen had been building spaceships for a long time and wanted to try something new.
Early 2004 Marco came up the idea to have a Moonbase layout at Legoworld in oktober that year, something not tried before in Holland. The result was a small layout with 10 participants. On the last day of Legoworld, Mike, one of the participants of the Moonbase project, suggested that we go on with the idea of Moonbase. Mike and Marco shared many of the same ideas and interests in Space and Moonbase. Dutch Moonbase was a fact.


In 2005 we visited several meetings with Dutch Moonbase and slowly the interest in Moonbase grow within the Dutch Lego-community. We planned a layout for Legoworld 2005 and the result was a 25m2 layout with Dutch and French builders. The reactions from the audience were very positive and Dutch Moonbase became a household word at Dutch meetings.
2006 was an other year with growing layouts at meetings and an even bigger layout at Legoworld 2006 (33m2). It was also the beginning of a change within Dutch Moonbase. We wanted to get even better, more detailed modules and we also came up with a plan for an extension on the existing Moonbase Standard which we called Moonbase+ (read= Moonbase Extended). After Legoworld 2006 we decided to take a sabbatical. We also decided that we no longer would do joined layouts with other builders other than the two of us.
2007 was a year of making plans and looking for ideas. We went to a Lowlug meeting for the first time and came into contact with builders we never met before. New ideas were born.
In january 2008 went to the meeting in Frechen (Germany). This small meeting was the best meeting we ever went to at that time and for two days we had the time of our lives. We got a great response from the organisation and the visitors to our Moonbase layout Project Alpha. Later we visited Lego FanWelt in Cologne (Germany) during a weekend trip with our wives.
5 Years Dutch Moonbase. In 2009 we started planning our layout for Lego Fanwelt 2010. Mike was away for work in Asia for 4 months so Marco did most of the building. Mike had to catch up in late 2009 and 2010. We also launched our new website.
Early 2010 brought new challenges when we were asked by The Little Arms Shop to build a large scale Star Wars layout for the Star Wars Event in Legoland Germany later that year. We had to build this together with the last parts of our FanWelt Layout.
We did some hardcore building and came up with a 25 m2 Star Wars layout as well as a large and highly detailed layout for Lego FanWelt. The Star Wars layout was also displayed later that year at Legoworld in Zwolle (Netherlands).

More Star Wars in 2011. As result of our efforts in 2010 we were invited again to build some more Star Wars stuff for Legoland Germany. Mike build a hugh Tatooine layout and Marco build a 6 meter Trench Run from the movie A New Hope. It had to be a 10 meter long trench but we ran out of baseplates.
The Tatooine layout was also displayed at Legoworld in Zwolle (Netherlands).
In 2012 we prepared for an other visit to Lego FanWelt in Cologne (Germany). No new Star Wars layout this year but Marco's Trench Run was displayed at the Toys XL Lego Store in Middelburg (Netherlands) as well at Legoworld in Zwolle (Netherlands). Lego Fanwelt was a great succes.
As we had no longer build Moonbase modules since 2010 we decided that we would change the name Dutch Moonbase into The Dutch Moonbase Group.
The Toy Museum in Deventer (Netherlands) started a Lego exposition in 2013. We were asked to participate with our Tatooine and Trench Run moc's. Both were scaled down and placed in the museum. A great honor for us.
Plans for a new layout for Lego Fanwelt 2014 were made early 2013. It had to be an even better, more detailed layout with lights, sounds and movement.
But in march disaster struck ... our webiste was hacked and we lost most of our content. In april 2013 we started rebuilding our site ... a work in progress.