Mike van Leeuwen


Mike van Leeuwen (1970) lives in Bergen op Zoom (NL) together with his wife Elizabeth and his twin sons Kevin and Mitchel. He works as system- and projectmanager. His Lego interest started at the age of 4. Lego was his main hobby until the dark ages came. When his two sons were born in 1998 the fire began burning again. Since than all moc's were spaceships until he met Marco Baas at Legoworld 2004.

Today he owns a large collection of bricks. Due to the colour change his main colours used are : Tan, Light Bluish Gary and Dark Bluish gray. He also has access to the brick supply of The Little Arms Shop for the Star Wars builds.

  In the Dutch Moonbase Group Mike focusses on:

   - building moc's (spaceships, buildings and landscapes)

   - He is our liaison with TLAS,

   - He is our webmaster/webdesigner and he writes content for The Story and the website.

   - He is our resident photographer, also handy with Photoshop.

   - Mike does most of the research into the technical and scientific side of The Story.